Avoid These 3 Mistakes when You Update Your Ethernet Drivers!

Avoid These 3 Mistakes when You Update Your Ethernet Drivers!

It's possible to get new or updated Ethernet drivers on your own. But there are several problems faced by computer users seeking to download and install them themselves. This article will familiarize you with the dangers you face when you download Ethernet drivers on your own.

Ethernet Drivers

1. Watch Out for "Driver Confusion"

System confusion is one of the biggest dangers of downloading your Ethernet drivers (or any other drivers) "by hand". This happens when you download the wrong drivers for your hardware--including hardware that isn't even there!--or sometimes when you use a device with a "kind-of-but-not-completely-compatible" driver.

It's also a danger when you have multiple drivers trying to work with the same hardware. Installing multiple Ethernet drivers in the hopes that one of them will be the right one can cause conflicts on your computer!

The worst thing about driver confusion is that it can cause Windows to lock up shortly after start-up. This is a real shame, because it can happen no matter how virus-free your computer is, and no matter how well you keep up your hardware.

If you're downloading Ethernet drivers on your own, make certain you get the right ones!

2. Don't Download Outdated Ethernet Drivers

Another less critical problem plagues many computer owners face when downloading Ethernet drivers themselves. That problem is getting old or outdated drivers that just won't work with the current technology inside your computer!

At best, an outdated Ethernet driver will mean you have limited functionality when you try to connect to the Internet. Most likely, this will mean that you get an unduly slow connection, graphics don't display quickly or properly, etc.

3. Don't Download the Wrong Ethernet Drivers!

This can be a problem because of the driver confusion problem, mentioned above. Ethernet drivers are a special case when it comes to getting just the right fit.

Nine times out of ten, computer owners have to download Ethernet drivers in order to get on the internet. This usually means that they can't get online with their own computer, and have to download this software form another computer.

Can you imagine how annoying it would be to go to the library and download what you think are the correct Ethernet drivers, then install them on your computer, only to find out that you can't get online after all?

Sure, you could always spend your library time downloading all the Ethernet drives you can find, onto a USB drive. Of course, you then run the risk of "Driver Confusion" mentioned above. Even the most understanding friend might get annoyed, the fifth time you drop by their house, "For just one more Ethernet driver download"!

That's why you need to be extra-careful when you update or download your Ethernet drivers. While many people take on this task themselves, you can also install software that will keep all of your drivers updated on a regular (and effortless) basis.

Ethernet Drivers


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